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From: Steve G.

Let's Face It. The Bookies aren't interested in you making money and sadly neither are most "tipsters" I come across these days.

The Bookies take your cash and give poor odds and will even limit your accounts when you get a winning run.

While the so called "tipsters" line their pockets with overpriced garbage and give you bets that simply do not make YOU money!

Even my Facebook Feed is being littered with "tipsters" promising £50K accumulator profits! They may as well promise me this week's lottery numbers :)

Another issue is with the popular racing experts you CAN trust e.g. Hugh Taylor and Tom Segal is that this same information is well known to the bookies and the odds shorten before you can even blink, let alone get a bet on...

Tipping horse racing winners is an absolute minefield.

These two errors in particular are something I see time and time again from punters...

Betting at the Wrong Odds.

The worst mistake I see from punters (and sadly also some tipsters) is not taking the odds into serious consideration when making their selections.

Being Inflexible

There is no magic bullet in horse racing. You need to adapt and constantly be evolving your methods. No "Horse Racing System" will give you this.

If you have made the above two errors, let me reassure you...

It's NOT your fault.

You are seriously up against it when you take the Bookies on. With the advancement of computers, they are razor sharp in setting their odds up. Finding profitable angles in horse racing is harder than it's ever been.

Unfortunately you can't just back the "most" likely horse to win the race. There is nothing wrong with backing favourites, but backing underpriced favourites (which most are) is a fast way to go broke. 

Also with the complexity of horse racing. It's really tempting to just use a simple system. It's a hell of a lot of work watching racing replays, studying form for hours, monitoring market info and checking multiple bookie odds for value.

But the problem is simple systems DON'T work...

You have to monitor and adapt to stay one step ahead of the bookies.

Being a Racing Expert is tough. It's a full-time job to beat the bookies that requires hard work, dedication and skill.

Fortunately for you there is an EASY way to profit on horse racing.

You just need someone who is an expert in the field and who is on YOUR side. 

With Racing Expert I'm going to give you EVERYTHING you need to profit
and make up to £4013 a month with virtually no effort. 

You barely have to lift a finger. 

This is really how simple it is...

Simply follow these 3 steps for racing success:

Open Email

Place Bets

Cash Out

That's it. Simple...

Too many horse racing systems are complex and hard work.

With Racing Expert things are very straightforward. I send you winning tips and YOU make a profit! :)

Racing Expert is a service designed for complete beginners with no experience as well as your more advanced punter.

If you are a busy person, or simply want an easy effortless way to profit on horse racing, this is the service for YOU.

Here is EXACTLY what you'll get as a member of this awesome betting club...

By choosing Racing Expert you’ll get access to:

Huge Profits

Up to £4013 a Month. With a Long Term 7 year ROI of 10%. 


Forget long losing runs, we win 37% of our bets!

Easy to Follow

Simply follow our emails sent direct to your inbox.

Small Outlay

These tips turn £10 into £2800+ or £100 into £28,000+

Great Odds

We only back at "value" odds. Price is everything.

Full Support

We put YOU first. Any help you need we will be there.

For all the systems, software and tips I have developed over the years I'm a big fan of testing.

I've operated online for almost 10 years and have seen too many betting products come on to the market with little to no testing.

You wouldn't buy a TV or computer that hadn't been tested to work, so why should betting products be different?

This is why I give you the full results breakdown of EVERY tip I've picked for the last 4 months at the odds available when the tip was chosen.

I know my methods will work for YOU, the results speak for themselves.

As does the feedback I receive from my clients, who after falling victim to the many unscrupulous so called "betting system experts" can't believe their eyes when they get hold of something that is genuine. 

Please view just some of the many testimonials I've received from members who have had storming successes...

Check out the Feedback from our members:  

"I have followed plenty of tipsters but you are in a different league. When Heartbreak City won I nearly fell off my chair. Then East Street Revue romps home. Both 11/1 winners. I know you back each-way but I backed to win. I've made £525 off today's tips. Keep up the good work."

- John Taylor

"Hi Steve,

I've been on the trial for a month now and managed to get my betting balance from £100 to £1865 betting £50 a bet. I know not every day is a winner, but I always cash out my betting balance at the end of the month and I have never had a month like this before. It will pay for holiday for my wife and I which I could never have afforded on my small pension.

Thank you."

- Albert Chamberlain 

"Hello Steve,

I started a few weeks ago and I've pulled in well over £1000 already. I'm not sure how you are doing it, insider information surely? Incredible service.

- Paul Jackson

Want More Proof?

There have been 100s of success stories from our members over the years. This is what motivates me to give YOU the best possible racing information.

Check out what my past members have to say about my betting products below...

How Much is this Going to Cost Me?  

"Forget Overpriced Rip-Off Tipsters"

You've tried the free tipsters and they've inevitably let you down. 

But, the problem is some of the premium tipsters are charging eye watering amounts. I'm talking £999 a year, or even £800 for 30 points profit (seriously!?)

I'm from a humble background and believe in fairness.

Despite the power of the information I have, I simply don't believe in overcharging. 

Simply scroll below to view my low price offer...

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. In the unlikely event that our profitable tips service is not for you we are happy to refund you 100% with no questions asked. 


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